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Why is activewear important?

The clothing you wear when you are active, is as important as your motivation. Weather conditions, movement performance and confidence are factors in choosing the right clothes to wear.

While people see it simply as a way of wearing activewear , this clothing has gained fame not only for its fashion but also benefits such as durability, flexibility and resistance.

Weather condition

During outdoors activities, it’s essential for you to think about the weather. With summer around the corner, it’s good to choose loose & breathable activewear clothing. You can also go for leggings with mesh panels which are lightweight and prevents moisture. Light colours are also a better idea to reflect the sun away from your body.

For colder weather and winter activities, opt for thick cotton material with closer body fit and winter accessories to keep your body warm at all time. Do not hesitate to layer as you can remove or add it depending on how much sweat you create.

Adidas Original – Adicolour Prenium Moncler Grenoble - Salle

Movement performance

Sweat makes you feel productive & keeps you motivated which is why lots of people are into cardio and high intensity trainings.

For movement performance, it’s important to go for activewear tops that will support your body as you move. Depending on your comfort, you should also top it off with loose clothing so you can exercise easily and comfortably.

For women, usually crop top feels freer and if you are working out indoors or the weather allows you, it can also be the perfect top for you exercises.

The North Face – Flight Serie™ Reebook X Victoria Beckham – Camel


Confidence is a big part of any activities you are planning to do. You can easily build confidence for your exercises with activewear clothing that look great and makes you feel great. Once you feel good, you will be more driven towards doing better (that’s the reason of exercising). This is why it’s a great boost to have a few nice pieces of activewear tops, pants and shoes to give you that fun & confident boost.

The North Face – Women’s Paramount Canada Goose - PBI Photojournalist

I hope this post will answer all your questions about “activewear”, feel free to contact us for more information by email or by filling the contact form on the website.


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