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The North Face x Gucci

Everything you need to know about the fashion collaboration of the year, “Gucci” has partnered with “The North Face” to launch a limited collection of clothing, accessories, luggage, and shoes.

“A collaboration which connects two brands with similar history and values, The North Face x Gucci celebrates the spirit of exploration.” - Gucci

“The Spirit of Discovery” - The North Face

The North Face x Gucci collection was inspired by the 1970s, which is when The North Face was a successful outdoor retailer based in Berkeley, California, as opposed to the global brand it is today.

In terms of clothing, both creative directors came with goose-feather down padded coats, skirts, shirts, and jumpsuits, all splashed with vibrant outdoors-inspired prints, such as florals & greenery.

Also on offer are quilted jackets, nylon shirts, windbreakers, skirts, chemise dresses and a pair of sturdy gender-neutral hiking boots.

The luxury Italian label has also brought its characteristic geek-chic aesthetic to the outerwear label through a selection of camping gear, including sleeping bags and tents.

Gucci x The North Face collection starts at £135 and will hit select stores in China on December 29, and worldwide locations from 4 January 2021. Those who are looking to get early access to the collection can enter a special online drawing at beginning Wednesday. In the UK, it will be sold exclusively at Selfridges in London until 30 January.

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