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The Future of Leather is Fungi

As veganism becomes more popular around the world, luxury fashion brands are starting to pay attention to their demands. Mycelium leather, also known as ‘Mylo, has inspired brands such as Hérmes, Iris Van Herpen, and Stella McCartney to turn to mushrooms for an eco-alternative to leather.

Start-up companies MycoWorks and Bolt Threads have created eco leather made from mycelium, which are the ‘roots’ that fungi use to grow. This material is grown from fungal spawn in less than two weeks, emits fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water and land resources than does raising livestock to produce animal leather.

The material is very similar to traditional leather in look and feel, and even draws similar durability.It is less strong than suede, but fairly good at stretching. Mylo can also be made in a range of colours, textures and can be made into everything from shoes to bags and jackets.

Stella McCartney, the luxury conglomerate Kering, and the sportswear giants Adidas and Lululemon have joined together to help Bolt Threads finance the development of Mylo. In return, they’ve earned exclusive rights to the material. Hermès and MycoWorks are working together to create products from Sylvania leather, which is an exclusive amber-hued mycelium leather.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is the first to release clothing made of Mylo. She created a two-piece outfit for women. The jet-black co-ord consists of a bustier and utilitarian trousers made from recycled nylon scuba, with panels of the vegan leather layered on top to create a structured finish almost like armour.


Hermés has created a Victoria travel bag made from Syliviana leather. The bag is not completely vegan as it’s handles are made of calfskin, however they are leading in the right direction.

Hermès is famous for its bags, which are some of the most in-demand luxury goods in the market. Their influence of creating mushroom leather products is a huge win for vegan leather producers and fans.


Adidas has revealed that it is working on vegan sneakers called Stan Smith Mylo™. In recent years, Adidas has been working on more animal-free and environmental-friendly shoes, some made from reprocessed polyester or other natural and recycled materials.

More luxury brands will be launching products made of mushroom leather in 2021. For information on fashion brands, feel free to contact us by email or by filling up the contact form on the website.


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