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Men’s Summer 2021 Essentials

With summer coming up, we can finally look forward to some much-deserved sunshine, beer gardens, and outdoor adventures. Find below a list of essentials for the upcoming Summer 2021.


JACQUEMUS – S/S checked linen shirt CASABLANCA - Les Oranges Silk Shirt

For this summer, a good shirt is to opt. Go for natural fibres over synthetic ones. Fabric weave, weight, and cut matter as well, with looser & lighter fabrics allowing heat to escape. Synthetics tend to trap in moisture rather than release it, restricting breathability and sweat dispersion through clothing.

Classic White T-shirt

DEREK ROSE - Jack pima-cotton crew-neck T-shirt

Nothing’s more versatile in the summer than a well-fitting, comfortable lightweight white plain t-shirt. Whatever the fitting that suits you the best, the white t-shirt is a must for this summer 2021. Can be worn with printed trouser or denim jacket on the top to make your outfit more stylish.

Linen Pant

ETRO - Leafy print linen trousers 120% LINO -Drawstring-waist linen trousers

Linen trousers can be used in a looser, roomier fits for an absolute game-changer when it comes to comfort and when it met with classic style. With the wrinkle-prone tendency of linen, opt for a pair of linen pants that are blended with cotton.


STONE ISLAND - L07WA Bermuda shorts

VERSACE - Baroque and leopard silk shorts

When it comes to men’s summer shorts, aim for a middle-ground between too short and too long. There’s no magic number when it comes to inseam length, as every guy is built differently. As a good rule, you’ll want your shorts to end just above your knee. Baggy shorts will make your legs look smaller than they are, and this isn’t ideal unless you’re into the chicken leg look. Your thigh should have a few inches of clearance between the short fabric. Even proportions are essential when you’re dropping layers.

Shoes & Sliders

Air Jordan 1 – Mid White

Polo Ralph Lauren Merton Suede Boat Shoe

GUCCI - Rubber slide sandal with Web

BURBERRY - Furley Vintage-check slides

Still a winner, the minimalist white sneaker affirms that it’s here to stay — and we’re not complaining about it! The stark white contrast of low/high-top white shoes with the more vibrant colours of summer creates a definitive recipe for success. The fan-favourite for white sneakers is smooth leather, and as a personal opinion I always opt for my “Air Jordan’s”. We can definitely add to these, other classic essentials as boat shoe, sandal, slides.

If you have any questions regarding your personal shopping or any suggestion, our image consultant will be more then happy to assist you. You can email us at or fill up the contact form on our website.


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