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Maison Goyard

Originally under the name House of Martin, the trunk and leather goods company Goyard remain one of the most prominent brands in luxury fashion to this day. Find below everything about “Maison Goyard”.

Established in 1853 in Paris, Goyard is one year older than Louis Vuitton and is the oldest Parisian trunk maker still in business. A family business, the brand was passed down to Edmond Goyard from his father François. Edmond created the iconic canvas print in 1892 - a print beloved to this day. He then partnered with his eldest son Robert, who eventually ran the business on his own from 1937 - 1979. In 1965, Robert reinvented the acclaimed monogram canvas by coating it for extra strength. The brand was designing luggage for the Royal Family. At present, Goyard remains infamous and adored amongst fashion lovers around the world.


The monogram print is crafted from Goyardine, a coloured textile made from cotton, linen and hemp and then carefully coated for durability. At the beginning, Goyard's signature print was hand-applied to all the coated canvas. Now that process is achieved through mechanized etching and layering of dye, but personalizations are still hand-painted by a Goyard artisan in one of the house's handful of global ateliers: New York, Beverly Hills, Mexico, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Brazil or Carcassone, France.

A brand that has always been distant from fleeting trends, Goyard's monogram is notably more discreet than Louis Vuitton's. A technical cloth that is soft and waterproof, Goyardine is both beautiful and luxurious.


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