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Impulse Buy vs Investment Piece

It’s estimated that the retail fashion industry contributes approximately 53 million tonnes of waste to landfill each year. As luxury streetwear stylist I feel that it’s important to know how to invest well and reduce those impulsive spending.

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Impulse Buy Investment Piece

· Items bought because of trend on social media · Intentional and Specific

· Pieces seen on your favourite celebrities · Invest quality over good price or deal

· Half prices deal · Items will last longer in your wardrobe

· Items bought without thinking it through · Carefully thought if it fits with your



We’ve all made those impulse purchases of different items that do not belong anymore in our wardrobe. Impulse buying is never a good thing, since it leads to regret and unnecessary closet space. Most of the time, this is because the purchase is made due to a trend ad seen on social media. Obviously, some trends are good, but one way to combat buyer's remorse is by ensuring that what you buy is classic and versatile for your attire.

Intentional and Specific

Even if something isn’t necessarily classic, the purchase should definitely be a piece that you genuinely want. Think of your wardrobe as a real estate! Each piece should be something that you’ve thought long and hard about, not something that you’ve had a passing fancy for.

This will not only prevent an impulse buy that you may regret, but rather will result in a purchase that you’re going to love and wear for as long as you can. You know your style better than anyone else, so if you’re sure you like it, it’ll be worth it.

The clear and specific intent makes it a better purchase

Invest quality over good price or deal

As a whole, investment clothing is built to last, not just in terms of style, but in the way it’s manufactured. The prices may be higher than what you’re used to (depending on the brand), but you’re getting premium materials, more quality control on the finished product, and special details and designs. This gives you a product that will last lifetime (with proper care, of course) and allows you to really get the maximum use out of your purchase. It won’t need to be replaced every year.

Considering reselling

In some case you may need to pass on certain pieces, just know that you’ll get a better value with an investment piece than a fast-fashion or a cheap one. This is mainly due to the previous fact: quality over good deal. As a result, it will retain a bit of its value, like a well-maintained watch or car, making it worth passing on when the time is right. The same can’t be said for cheaply made clothing, which is literally made to be replaceable and to fill a temporary need.

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