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How to care for your clothes by fabric

Knowing how to care for your clothes by fabric prolongs their life, which means you won’t need to buy as many and will reduce your overall need for the world’s limited resources.

Find below a guide on each principal fabric and how to take care of them.


One of the world’s most favourite clothing are manufactured from cotton. These garments don’t need to be washed after every wear, except for socks and underwear. The best way to wash cotton is in a laundry bag in the washing machine with similar colours and use a cool setting. Turn each garment inside out and close the zippers, strings and buttons before washing. Avoid fabric softener and the tumble dryer, as both will damage the fibres and shorten the garment’s life. After washing, hang or lay your garments flat to dry. Cotton garments prefer the shade and a warm iron setting with a protective cloth over the clothing. Often, you can remove creases and folds by taking clothing into the bathroom while showering. The steam will naturally remove creases, saving effort and energy from ironing.


Light, durable and glossy garments, mostly for the ladies, this natural fibre is one of the luxurious fabrics and counts among the world’s firstborn luxury clothing. Silk is a delicate fibre that can mark easily. They don’t need a wash after every wear. Silk does not like spot cleaning or stain removers, and provided great care is taken, many silk articles can be successfully washed using a cool wash on the gentle cycle. Avoid steam, opt for a warm iron on the reverse side.


Wash your favourite denim once every 10 wears! Washing your denim too often will make the colour fade faster and cause the fibres to deteriorate. Spot cleaning or stain remover is a great way of keeping your pair of jeans looking fresh while avoiding unnecessary washing cycles. Turn them inside out and close all the zips and buttons. Wash in cool water with a small amount of liquid detergent and wash with similar colours to avoid fade. Do not the tumble dryer as it will shorten your denim’s life considerably. Instead, shake out and line dry. You can refresh them without washing by turning your jeans inside out and hanging them in a shady space, it will prevent fading and avoids soggy pockets.


Leather need special care. Keep your items away from heat and try to keep it as dry as possible. Avoid exposing your leather to rough surfaces and heavy rain. If your leather jacket or bag gets dirty, clean gently with a soft brush or cloth and pat dry, leaving to completely dry at room temperature to avoid cracking. The general guideline for leather is to ensure it is completely dry when you store it, with plenty of room around it so it can air out. For small items or bag, store them into a soft cotton dust bag to keep dry.


Keep your natural wool or cashmere with air around and it will revitalise your garments. You can spot clean them gently but take care not to rub as this can cause pilling. Wash after 3 to 5 wears. You can hand wash wool and cashmere, or use the delicate wool cycle on your machine, as it’s optimised for this fibre with reduced tumbling and soaking. Avoid any high temperatures including the dryer, as this can severely damage your items. If hand washing, ensure you use cool water and gently remove excess moisture using a towel. For the best results, reshape your knits and lie them flat on a drying rack or towel to air dry.

Always follow your care instructions on the label of your garment for best results. I hope this guide will help prolong your wardrobe life span. For more information you can email us on or fill up the contact form on the website.


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