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Chelsea boots: Best & Wrong Way To Wear

The ‘Chelsea Boots ‘is credited to Queen Victoria’s shoemaker J. Sparks-Hall. In the 1950s & 60s, Chelsea boots became the most popular shoe in the UK on the feet of the city’s coolest young musicians and artists.

The Chelsea boot is a true design classic that will always be on trend, and that can be worn in many different styles.

While a lot of men still have trouble styling correctly when footwear goes up the ankle, styling Chelsea boots is actually pretty simple, so we’ve got few recommendations to show you.

Suit & Chelsea Boots

Business Casual & Chelsea Boots

Smart Casual & Chelsea Boots

All Black & Chelsea Boots

Everyday & Chelsea Boots

What is the best way to wear Chelsea Boots ?

Chelsea Boots are easy to wear with both casual and formal styles. As shown above ripped jeans, suits, chinos look great with those. From cool and relaxed suede options to classic leather looks, Chelsea boots are versatile, comfortable, and fashionable. Here are the few tips to make sure the look you choose is the best way to wear it:

1. Length of your trousers must sit just over the top of your boots.

2. Keep ‘suede styles’ for a casual look & leather boots for a ‘smart style’.

3. Choose colours according to your outfit (black or brown).

4. Dress Chelsea boots down with jeans and a plain T-shirt for comfort

5. Get a water & stain resistant spray to keep your shoes clean at any time

Is there a wrong way?

Chelsea boots are worn in many ways and can sometimes be used incorrectly. Whichever pair of jeans you style your boots with, make sure the hem of your jeans sits just over the top of them, or somewhere higher up. Pay attention to the leg length, as anything too long won’t look as good and will cover up too much of your stylish new boots.

Do not tuck in your pants if the length of the trouser is too long or too loose.

It will look better by rolling up the jeans to give it a more casual look.

The fit of the jeans is also very important to enhance the Chelsea boots. Slim or skinny fit must be used for a perfect match.

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