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Autumn-Winter Menswear Trends 2020

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

We are all aware that the cold season is coming up and we are in need of a massive shopping spree! I know that it has become such a struggle to find the right pieces of clothing which match our likings as well as keep us warm from the harshness of winter. After all, we all want to stay cosy during Autumn/Winter time and look fashionable at the same time. I know how challenging it is when we have the right clothing sense but struggle when it comes to putting different pieces together to create our ideal outfit. Lucky for you, I am here, like your faithful friend who can guide you through the trends you should be wearing and tips on how to style them ! So what are the latest trends of 2020 for men?

Nicholas Daley x Lavenham Engineers Gilet - Farfecth

2020 is the year where fashion has taken a massive turn. Puffer vests have been one of the top pieces of clothing which are essential for men. Puffer vests have an extremely soft interior and a laidback outer and they are very easy to style which means they are suitable for any occasion. For instance, if you want a subtle look then you can stick to dark shades, such as black, grey or charcoal which will give your outfit a neutral look. Puffer vests can easily be styled with long-sleeved shirts, jacket or a jumper! Remember fashion has no boundaries so try varying sizes; they can also give your outfit an amazing look, for example, a cropped version of the outerwear can look stunning with a tailored suit.

Terren Crew Jumper - All Saints

Striped Sweaters are trending worldwide as they are one of the most universally flattering styles. The stripped versions of these sweaters are exceptional whether they are an oversized design or something very fine, they can easily be mixed and matched with your outfits effortlessly. Autumn-Winter is the season where you can contrast exciting shades such as red and blue. For cold weather, this attire really allows you to create a perfect layered outfit where you can add a button-down to your ensemble and let the sleeves hang very loose beneath your chosen knitwear. Outfits should be bold and leave a statement as you walk down the street and this can be done with a fresh hue which is appearing almost everywhere! It isn’t essential that you wear an outfit of this shade however sticking to a hint of it in your accessories, such as sleeves, scarves or even a pair of shoes can enlighten your outfit as well as your mood!

Striped Wool Hat With GG Patch - Gucci

Beanies are also a great way of staying cosy and trendy. Fisherman beanies for men will provide superior comfort and can be styled by rolling the bottom of the hat upwards for a snug fit or just let your beanie sit at the back of your head for a relaxed vibe. This creates a sleek look for men as it is effortless and goes with any outfit!

Black Floral Print Slim Fit Suit Trousers - TopMan Bold patterned pants can be worn anywhere and they are a perfect way of experimenting with colours - go big or go home. This trend is wild as it allows you to go from a simple tie-dye to an intricate graphic print. I love this because it puts no boundaries to how creative I want to get with my outfits!

Long Patina Leather Mackintosh - Berluti Let’s not forget our longline leather coats this Winter to stay warm. We are taking it back to the 90’s to keep it classy! These coats are practical and the length gives you a professional look when needed.

Oversized Puffer Orange (Deep Crimpson) - Tommy Hilfiger Oversized puffer jackets are also essential because they will keep your upper body warm as they are large and in-charge!

Nike Daybreak Trainers - Office

Black and Yellow Leather Lace-up Sneaker - Fendi

Don’t forget the two-tone sneakers which have a strong affiliation with every season and they are not changing anytime soon. It will be great to add different colours to your feet because they can boost your basic looking outfits to extraordinary.


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