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5 Recommended Styling Tricks

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to properly style your outfit you have come to the right place. Buying clothes is easy, anyone can buy a designer shirt but not everyone knows how to make it look good. My styling tricks will help you to always look your best and elevate your outfits.

Minimal and dark

When in doubt go for minimal and dark clothing, it is easier to style than opting for a bold shirt. Dark clothing gives you the illusion of looking taller and slimmer and it is easier to build a wardrobe of dark, minimalistic items of clothing. For example, if you wear a black t-shirt and black jeans, it is easy to add a jacket or accessories to your outfit.

Add a watch

Accessorising can be difficult and you may not be comfortable enough to wear necklaces and bracelets yet, so the best way to start out is with a watch. It is a simple way to make you look more stylish, it adds something extra to your outfit without having to try too hard.

Create balance

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Creating balance in your outfit means if you are wearing an oversized sweatshirt, opt for fitted jeans. Wearing oversized all over will not compliment your build, it can make you look like you have weird proportions, fitted on the bottom and oversized on top will help keep your shape slightly. It works vice versa too when wearing oversized trousers try a more fitted top.

Add layers

This is a great way to keep warm in winter whilst still looking stylish. Layer clothing, for example, adding a jacket or shirt over your hoodie will elevate your outfit making you look cooler. Layering has always been a staple trend and is one that will always be around so it is a good idea to master it now.

Always slightly overdress

If you are unsure of the dress code and you are struggling to decide what to wear, always slightly overdress. It is better to turn up a little overdressed, rather than very underdressed. A good solution for when you are unsure of the dress code is to add a suit jacket to your outfit, this way it dresses up your outfit but if you are overdressed you can take your jacket off.

Having a well-put-together outfit is the first step in boosting your confidence when your clothes look good, you feel good. I hope my styling tricks help you in finding that confidence.

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