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10 Stylish & Designer Face Masks

With a pandemic thrown at us, we have had to change a lot of things in our daily routine. Face masks are now the new norm and for those of you who love fashion as much as me and are sick of those blue surgical masks ruining your outfit, here are my top 10 stylish and designer face masks list to compliment your look.

1. Palm Angels Los Angeles Sprayed Mask - £70

The black cotton sprayed logo face mask from Palm Angels is great for adding that little bit of colour in your outfit. Featuring a printed logo, Palm Angels offer the spray paint effect in different colours, including red and green, so you could switch up your mask depending on your outfit.

2. Burberry Face Mask

Burberry has announced on their website that their face masks are coming soon. You can sign up on their website to be the first to know when they arrive. They will be available in the classic Burberry print, or in a white version. Burberry will be donating all profits from the sale of their face masks to the Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund which will support communities impacted by the pandemic globally.

3. Olivia Hainaut Face Mask - from 75 euros

Haut-couture garment and accessory maker Olivia Hainaut creates masks with sequins and jewels. They sell from 75 euros, depending on the work and materials involved.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Face Mask - £75

Dolce & Gabbana wants to meet the need to wear a protective face mask, yet in a personal and unique way. They have created a Men’s and Women’s face mask project, in printed neoprene with 100% cotton lining, featuring their iconic prints. They are hoping to help us return to our everyday lives and to put our own personal touch on our style, still with the proper precautions.

5. Marine SerreTan Second Skin Printed Balaclava

Looking for something a little different? Why not protect your whole face with this stretch nylon balaclava in tan featuring the printed logo pattern in black throughout. It has a cut-out for the eyes and a concealed zip closure at back.

6. Haculla Red Lips Mask - $90

This red lip mask would be great for those who are wanting to wear lipstick but cannot because your mouth is covered. It has 3 layer filtering, adjustable inset nose bridge, and nylon spandex ear loops with adjusters. It also has a comfortable and breathable refined shape for the best fit, and it is re-usable and machine washable.

7. Isaac Sellam mesh layered face mask - £131

At first glance, this one seems unpractical, however, it has a linen lining under the leather and mesh detailing. This one might be best for when you can social distance yourself, as it comes with a disclaimer that it is not a suitable substitute for PPE.

8. Scribble glow mask - £21.60

To start with this looks like a plain white mask, but you can transform this glow in the dark mask with the fun included Scribble Glow wand, or use your mobile phone torchlight to create temporary art. These Masks are lightweight & water-resistant made with a comfortable, breathable inner lining.

9. Baroque gold heart crown jewels fabric mask - £80

This unique mask is great for adding something extra to your outfit. The hand-stitched gems are sewn on one by one, making it personal to you. It has a thick cotton lining, however, it is not a medical-grade mask, so this one is probably best used as a fashion statement only.

10. Luxury face mask - Etsy - £79.99

Another mask to make a statement, this will add style and luxury to your outfit. These masks are hand-made using a cotton lining. The mask is double-layered, breathable, and washable. There is also an insert panel for you to place another filter inside for extra precautions.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 stylish and designer face masks, and more importantly, stay safe during these unprecedented times.


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